Hot Air » Blog Archive » Pope: God was silent towards Mother Teresa to teach her empathy for nonbelievers

3 09 2007

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Pope: God was silent towards Mother Teresa to teach her empathy for nonbelievers

It seems as though I’ve been doing no thing but bashing the Pope lately. This is not intentional and no offense is meant by it. The problem is that he has been much more vocal as of late and his positions really seem to be missing the mark, or exposing what should be considered serious breeches of church authority towards the congregants. This business about Mother Teresa reveals an underlying problem. It is not all about her doubts, which is the thrust of the attention, nor about whether or not it is proper to release writings against her final wishes. No this whole episode reveals a blatant rejection of the most basic and most required tenets of the Christian faith. The rock upon which we are supposed to stand. That rock is the revelation (spirit revealed truth) of the Word of God, ultimately meaning Jesus Christ, the Son of God. A person would be very hard pressed to find a Christian anywhere from any time period who has not experienced a confrontation in their life with doubt and or unbelief. Doubt and unbelief are two of the biggest enemies of faith, there is no one immune and Mother Teresa would not have been exempt.

The problem is exemplified in the counsel that she received from her so called superiors. This woman was revered the world over and not just by Catholics or other believers but by non Christians alike for her work done supposedly for Jesus. Yet she displayed a lack of faith of even making it to heaven and this begs the question of why? When seeking counsel it is reported that she was told about how her suffering gave her understanding about the people she ministered to. Yes, we are told that our suffering is one way for us to identify with Jesus, great. But a study of the word tells us that trials and persecutions are suffering not life long doubts. No where can I find in all of this if the Bible was ever used even though it and it alone is to be our authority. This is the major problem not only in this case but throughout the whole Catholic church and it stems from the leadership and doctrine. Lets look at just one example (there are many but cost of space has to be considered in my post) infant baptism. First of all the word baptism means to dunk, the only time we see the word sprinkling used is in reference to the blood, O.T. animals and in the N.T. Jesus’, not a word about water. Second the examples of baptism we have in the Bible  is always accomplished after a profession of faith and never before. I’ve never have heard an infant make a profession of anything but hunger and discomfort, so this invalidates the whole exercise. I used to think that even this was no big deal because surely it has to have been devised out of good intentions but through time it has become obvious that this deception is dangerous. The false sense of security given by this ritual can and has had disastrous effects by taking parents somewhat out of the equation. Besides being unscriptural it takes away individual freedom and responsibility the same as confirmation does. You cannot have faith aside from the Word of God and unless it it the ground work on which we stand, refer to, feed on, rely upon then what we have is millions of people in the same boat as Mother Teresa. This is a sad reflection  on what was declared recently as the only true church with the only ministers in the line of Christ.

This is the most disturbing aspect of this whole story for it reveals a deep flaw that has undoubtedly left people in the lurch for hundreds of years. The Pope need not be concerned about other churches taking people away from the Catholic church, for it is not other churches indeed but God himself stepping in to help the people He died for. This ritual bound, fear mongering, deceptive, unscriptural doctrine is providing no answers, direction or more importantly peace to the very flocks that it is directed to oversee. Get out the Bible and start using it and put human reasoning in it proper place, like what shoes to wear today, not answering spiritual matters.

Jesus asked, “But whom say ye that I am?” Peter answered “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God”. …”Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona; for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. …”That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church;” … Matt 16:15-18 KJV

Peter is not the rock on which the church was to be built but the revelation (spirit revealed truth) of who Christ is.

The B-I-B-L-E that’s the book for me and should be for all Christian churches!




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