Evangelicals Join Interfaith Effort to Write Rules for Conversions – New York Times

16 08 2007

Evangelicals Join Interfaith Effort to Write Rules for Conversions – New York Times

I find it somewhat difficult to completely ascertain exactly the intent on this common code of conduct. From all appearances it seems to be nothing more than a ministry of fear. Not bringing fear on the people that are ministered to but fear of losing congregants to other churches or religions.. Much in the same way of sitting in church and hearing all about how bad you are and how God is going to smite you for it. Using fear to control people. NOT ACCEPTABLE. If one finds that a person belongs to another religion then you are banned from speaking to said person about you’re belief less the conversation might lead to a conversion, baloney. Worse is that this is garnering support from seemingly a broad cross section of organisations all under the guise of interfaith cooperation and respect. What this accomplishes is vast lukewarmness sanctioned by influential groups. When did the scriptures become secondary to mans ideas – answer – a long time ago sadly. 2 Cor. 5:14 says, “For the love of Christ constraineth us…” and it is time for the church leaders to learn how to walk according to the Word of God! These deals made by the striking of hands and the wink of an eye have no place in the body of Christ except to create schisms. If a person has accepted Christ as their Lord then have faith in God to direct them to the place or position in which He desires. Stick to doing what you were called to do which is to instruct, encourage and oversee the flock which has been entrusted to you and quit devising ways to control people because of your fear.




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