The Popes Remarks

15 07 2007

 Far be it from me to ever touch a man of God. I will not handle such person wrongly whether by actions or word. Psalm 115:15 gives all the instruction needed to arrive at said conclusion, no matter their behavior, attitude or speech. Maybe a true calling of the Lord is present (whatever the perception) making it imperative to keep hands off. That being said, the remarks of this past week, from the Vatican, first put forth years ago by this Pope, are contemptuous. To suggest that God would call no person into His service except through the Catholic church or the orthodox churches shows a severe lack. Lack of wisdom, understanding, revelation and knowledge in a blatant attempt regain credibility and authority lost. 

 There was no organizational denomination at the very beginning. The church was simply called the way, but man got involved and because of a lack of understanding started instituting laws or rules (religion) into the mix. The very thing Christ spoke against throughout His ministry. God gives instruction how to properly worship Him and II Cor. 5:14 says that the love of Christ constrains us (to live correctly).

 Preachers, pastors and even popes should teach, edify and exhort, obedience, blessings of God and the FREEDOM that is provided through the Lord Jesus Christ. NOT SPEAKING DIVISION INTO THE BODY OF CHRIST for any cause!




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