The Passing of Rev. Falwell

18 05 2007

I’ve been quite about this seeing that so many have had the floor. The fact that a lot of folks begin with “I wasn’t a fan of Falwells, but…” makes me not wanting to go there. The man served the Lord the way he knew how I guess. Provocative, outspoken, opinionated, right, wrong and in between. He has gone home now, to me it’s time to let it be. Home is heaven and to get there one simply has to two things – believe God raised Jesus from the dead and confess that Jesus is Lord – end of story. Repub. or Dem., speaking PC or not doesn’t play into it.  Rev. Falwell fit the criteria so all I have to offer is to say RIP Rev. and I pray for the peace of your family, both at home and at church. God Bless




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